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Apostolate Program


We invite you to support our life and mission.

Apostolate members share with the Crosiers a life grounded and rooted in Christ. By joining us,

You embrace the Cross as the center of life and hope.

You unite your prayers with the prayers of the Crosiers.

You are invited to join the Crosiers and other Apostolate members for liturgies, celebrations and special events.

Your support as an Apostolate member helps sustain Crosier Religious Life and enriches your own religious life and journey to God.

As a member of the Crosier Apostolate, you become part of a large circle of family and friends who share a call to discipleship with the Crosiers through their prayers, friendship and sharing of time, talent and treasure. Your contributions help the Crosiers by

  • Supporting Crosier Religious Life as a gift for the Church
  • Building up Crosier life and the local Church in Indonesia, Congo and Brazil
  • Recruiting and educating Crosier priests and brothers
  • Providing for the needs of our elder Crosiers
  • Serving the poor, immigrants and others in need

We are grateful for the friendship and support of our Apostolate members. We hope you will consider making a commitment of friendship and support by joining the Crosier Apostolate.

Apostolate members receive these benefits:

  • Invitations to principal Crosier events
  • Commemorative Crosier Cross pins
  • Subscription to the Crossview publication
  • Remembrance in Crosier prayers
  • Weekly Crosier Mass for Apostolate intentions
  • Enrollment in the Crosier Book of Life for perpetual remembrance

It’s easy to join!

We look forward to welcoming you as a partner in ministry through the Crosier Apostolate.