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How We Serve

Our whole life is given in service. We help lighten the burden of your suffering by walking with you when you need us most.

We minister to the needs of the Church and society in various ways.

Our ministries in the United States

Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

This is a commonly asked question! Quite simply, it is an interpersonal relationship between a trained spiritual director and one who seeks to learn how to grow, live and love in the spiritual life. The Crosiers have a rich and distinctive spiritual heritage centered in the triumphant Cross of Christ that we seek to share with others. We help people see how God is at work in their lives and how to respond anew in discipleship.

People seek out Crosiers, trained in this ministry, in order to enhance their relationship with God and those they live with and/or encounter in life. Through one-on-one spiritual direction, we desire to offer a non-judgmental listening presence as well as practices and disciplines that have shaped our lives in the Cross.

In Phoenix

Opportunities for spiritual direction are available in English or Spanish for all persons, Catholic or otherwise, who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. The conversations generally occur once a month and may be up to an hour in length. Spiritual direction sessions are offered at Crosier Village by experienced Crosiers or lay spiritual directors trained by the Crosiers. Compensation for spiritual direction is on a sliding scale.

Crosier Village is also home to la Escuela de Santa Escucha Cruzada (ESEC) or the Crosier School of Holy Listening. This is a two-year program, conducted in Spanish, for training lay Latino spiritual directors. It has received full support from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

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Contact Us 

We invite and welcome you to contact us for spiritual direction! Please email us here. 

The Crosiers are excited to be part of Spiritual Direction Rising, a collaborative effort in Phoenix focused on nurturing spiritual direction in the Catholic tradition. Be sure to visit the website for more information. 

¿Que es dirección espiritual?

In Onamia

The Crosiers in Onamia offer spiritual guidance and direction through pastoral care in parish settings and for those who seek us out at the Crosier filial priory to provide spiritual mentoring in their faith journeys. We hold a strong value in embracing the movement of the Spirit that animates and impels us in our vocation as consecrated religious in the Church. Each of us is encouraged and expected to have a spiritual director as well.

Engaging in the practice of spiritual direction ourselves, and offering it as part of our ministry, is essential for living a Christian spiritual life. Each of us needs to shape and direct the movement within us that urges us forward. As Catholics, we name it as the Holy Spirit of God.

What we name as spirituality is the shape and direction and the disciplines and spiritual practices that integrate and mature this internal drive toward God. It centers on the belief in God, revealed to us in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contact Us

If you have questions about spiritual direction or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us in Onamia at 320-532-3103.