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Living and thriving together as brothers in our new priory allows us to nurture our interior lives and be inspired to touch suffering with hope. This is a vital step forward.

We are grateful to all who helped make our dream a reality.

Thank you to these and other Crosier friends who supported the success our capital campaign: of A Place to Live; A Mission to Serve. 

Click here and enjoy some of our grand opening photos!

The Crosiers in Phoenix live and pray together at Crosier Village, 717 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix 85040. Our members are involved in a wide range of ministries serving the Church and those in need, including assisting in local parishes, retreat work, spiritual direction, elder care, campus ministry, immigrant services, jail ministry and visiting memory care patients.

To help us expand our ministry and service, the Crosier Village of Phoenix corporation was established. In 2016, the corporation purchased the historic South Mountain Community Church and its accompanying facilities. Here, we established a permanent home where we have been able to substantially expand services in the South Phoenix and surrounding communities.

Priory Church of the Holy Cross

Visiting the Church

The priory church is open for in-person worship services! We look forward to seeing you!

Those unable to attend in person are still encouraged to celebrate with the Crosiers via live stream on YouTube Channel, Crosiers1210.

Prayer Intentions

The Crosiers welcome prayer intentions, which may be mailed to the Crosier Fathers and Brothers:
P.O. Box 90428, Phoenix, AZ 85066. You may also email your request!

Lay Program

The Association of the Companions of the Holy Cross is comprised of Christian men and women, single and married, who wish to deepen their baptismal commitment through the inspiration of the Crosier way of life.

The Companions

The Companions embrace fellowship with one another and the Crosiers, establish a personal daily rhythm of prayer in the spirit of the liturgy and provide acts of service in response to human and religious needs. This charism mirrors the balanced Crosier lifestyle of community, liturgical prayer and service for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Companions seek their inspiration in the Gospel, in the Rule of St. Augustine, in the vital elements of Crosier tradition and in the values and needs of our contemporary Church and society.

The Commitment

Following the example of the Lord, Companions accept a life faithful to Gospel chastity, poverty and obedience, each in accord with his or her own state of life. In making a commitment, Companions publicly pledge themselves to Companion life and service officered by the Order of the Holy Cross and dedicate themselves, empowered by the Spirit, to follow Christ in his total and free devotedness to the Father and to others, which reached its completion on the Cross. By our commitment, we join the Crosiers in responding to the Spirit’s call to an ever-new actualization of the Order’s mission in the Church.

The Program

The Association of the Companions of the Holy Cross was launched in 2008, and the first group of Companions made their commitment in March 2009. Since then, the association has continued to grow. Companion life and service are guided by the Companion Constitutions, which were approved by the Crosier Order. The Constitutions are an inspirational document, naming the values of the Crosier tradition and providing guidance for living by them.

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Escuela de Santa Escucha Cruzada (ESEC)

(The Crosier School of Holy Listening)

The Crosier School of Holy Listening, founded in 2016, is a two-year training program designed to prepare lay spiritual directors to serve the Latino Catholic community in the Phoenix area.

Escuela de Santa Escucha Cruzada (ESEC)

La comunidad cruzada de Phoenix presenta La Escuela de Santa Escucha (ESEC). Fundada en 2016, ESEC es un programa único en español para formar directores espirituales laicos que sirven a la comunidad hispana.

ESEC is an outreach of Caminando Juntos, an initiative of Crosier Village Ministries under the sponsorship of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers in Phoenix. The major objective is to provide education about spiritual direction in the Hispanic community and, within the next 10 years, to make competent lay spiritual directors available especially to Catholic Hispanics of the eight major Hispanic parishes in Phoenix.

ESEC’s three-hour monthly sessions, conducted entirely in Spanish, are organized into three segments. The school engages the best-known presenters, facilitators and supervisors for spiritual direction in the Phoenix area. These include local pastors and other professionals in Christian ministry formation. Participants must be Spanish-speaking, at least 30 years of age, respected for their practice of the Catholic faith and under spiritual direction themselves. They must also have an endorsement from their respective pastors and have completed studies at the Kino Institute of the Diocese of Phoenix or in a comparable program.

La comunidad cruzada de Phoenix presenta La Escuela de Santa Escucha (ESEC). Fundada en 2016, ESEC es un programa único en español para formar directores espirituales laicos que sirven a la comunidad hispana. La necesidad de formar laicos en la comunidad hispana como directores espirituales se hace más y más clara. La Iglesia crece en número de hispanos con pocos sacerdotes y religiosos disponibles para la dirección espiritual. Los movimientos en la comunidad eclesial hispana son muchos y están dirigidos en su gran mayoría por laicos que merecen y necesitan atención pastoral. La comunidad cruzada de Phoenix es una comunidad religiosa de sacerdotes y hermanos católicos. Ayuda al inmigrante es uno de nuestros muchos servicios brindados a la comunidad.

For more information about ESEC