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New School in Butembo

Your support enabled us to transform and empower lives.

The year 2020 marked 100 years of religious life and ministry in Congo for the Crosiers. There are now 113 Crosier priests, brothers, and seminarians serving in this African mission.

To mark this milestone, we broke ground and began building phase one of a new Crosier K–12 Catholic school for the children of Butembo. After many years of planning, and with the help of generous benefactors in the United States, the Crosiers are seeing this dream become a reality.

The school will accommodate 1,600 students in 30 classrooms (55 students per classroom is standard in Congo). It will also include a library, computer resource room, office space and restrooms. There will also be outdoor space where students can enjoy sporting activities.

Crosiers seek to transform lives and touch suffering with hope. As the Congolese people emerge from decades of war and conflict, this new K–12 Catholic school in Butembo will be a beacon of light for them.

Since there is no school near the Crosier priory in Butembo, local children have to walk great distances to attend school each day, some as many as 10 miles. Seeing the need for a school, the Crosiers approached the local people to determine their interest in supporting a new school. They were very excited to see such a project move forward. While they will not be able to finance building materials, they will  contribute by clearing and preparing the site, digging the foundation, mixing concrete, making bricks and hauling lumber and other materials.

The Crosiers in Congo rely on the generosity of others for support.  With a goal of raising $1 million dollars to build the new school, the Crosiers are grateful for your financial gifts.

The school will teach children  how to end the cycle of poverty in their lives and promote a culture of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Crosiers invite your partnership to build the school, which will

  • Provide a quality Catholic education for the children living near the Crosier priory
  • Reduce student anxiety and help them move embrace the future with confidence and optimism
  • Decrease the high rate of illiteracy among local youth
  • Transform students’ lives and empower them to continue learning

The Crosiers are excited to see the school construction project taking shape. Please click here to see the progress!

Every child deserve a quality education to help them thrive and become productive members of society. Please click here to ensure Butembo’s children get that opportunity.

Help us improve education in the Democratic Republic of Congo!