Crosier Statement Regarding David Haas

In 2004, the Crosier Fathers and Brothers awarded Minnesota musician and composer David Haas its “Outstanding Service in Ministry Award” in recognition of the many contemporary hymns that he had added to the church’s repertoire. 
Recently, the Crosiers along with the public have learned that more than 30 women have submitted accounts of being harmed by Mr. Haas through manipulation and exploitation of their vulnerabilities. Mr. Haas has denied all claims of abuse and misconduct against him.
The Crosiers have been asked by some of Mr. Haas’ accusers to rescind the award that we presented him in 2004. We express our empathy and care for all those seeking justice for the harm that they have experienced. Clearly, the Crosiers did not intend our recognition awards to ever be any indication of support for abusive behaviors.
The Crosier Fathers and Brothers recognize that full and frank disclosure about sexual abuse is important to speed the healing process and empower unknown survivors to come forward and seek help. We ourselves were called to respond to numerous accusations of sexual abuse by Crosiers from decades ago and to solidify our own accountability for past harm while working at the prevention of such harm in the future. We also entered into a significant court-approved compensation plan in 2018 for those who had endured abuse by Crosiers.
The Crosiers are sorry for the harm that all survivors of sexual abuse and abusive behavior have endured. We abhor all such abusive behavior whenever and by whomever it occurs and stand with all survivors in their quest for accountability and healing.