Br. Daniel Hernández Flores, osc, professes solemn vows to Crosier Religious Life

On June 25, Br. Daniel Hernández Flores, osc, professed solemn vows at the Holy Cross Priory Church in Onamia, Minnesota, in the presence of friends, Crosier Apostolate members and his Crosier confreres. Through the blessing of technology, Br. Daniel’s family and friends in Mexico were able to view the ceremony via live stream.

When asked how he felt on this special day, without hesitation Br. Daniel said, “I feel complete, happy and peaceful to come to this point in my life. I am filled with tears of joy. My family is so happy as well and proud. They have always been supportive and praying for my vocation.” 

“We are grateful to Daniel for having reached this moment in his journey in response to God’s call in his life,” said Conventual Prior Tom Enneking, osc. “Thanks be to God for calling Daniel to Crosier Religious Life.”

Master General Laurentius Tarpin, osc, with the advice of his council, has accepted Br. Daniel for ordination to the diaconate. The ceremony will take place during the 2021 Conventual Priory Chapter on Aug. 20 at Holy Cross Priory Church in Onamia, Minnesota.

“The formation process has been an experience of determination, self-knowledge and prayer. Being accompanied by my Crosier confreres, and supported and loved by them, I have been able to make this life-choice to fulfill God’s call,” said Br. Daniel.

As he works toward his diaconate, he will serve as socius (assistant) to Novice Director Fr. Kasereka Kisonia Moïse, osc, as a spiritual director and in parish assistance.

As his local superior, Fr. Kermit Holl, osc, stated, “Br. Daniel has enlivened our Crosier charism for the Church and world. He is a wonderful confrere who draws people to the mystery of Christ and to aspirations of holiness and goodness in a quiet and most unassuming way.”

Br. Daniel grew up in Tlxacala, Mexico, about two hours outside Mexico City, and learned about the Crosiers through friends and the Crosiers’ Facebook page. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science in Mexico before discerning a vocation to religious life. In 2015, he professed his first vows to the Crosier Order in Onamia and renewed them three years later.

During his post-novitiate formation, Br. Daniel attended St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, where he graduated with a Master of Divinity this spring.

Please click here to read the homily by Fr. Tom Enneking, osc.